Sunday, January 20, 2013

Easter Egg Poems

Time goes by
High above, birds fly
Effected by nothing at all; meanwhile, the average human
Going along to get along
Almost certain it's worth it
Making nothing worth mentioning
Envied by none.

The people flock to silly things
Game and rhyme and competitive flings.
You think that they might know better
Just too much faith in the invented letter.
Lost all hope in humanity
It calls for... a calamity.

It pleases me to offer congratulations
To the wonderful person that is you
For aiding in the cause of the just
Finding things people thought were lost
For people wishing and hoping for the
Greatest of amusements in a simple game.

Of all the things the world could wish
I could ask nothing more but for a simple fish.
Delicious food to keep going another day
To see all the sights and things to say.
And after all, what fun would it be if the world was tame
And nobody could ever lose the game?

Apparently I can be prolific as long as I'm given a direction, and there's a certain group of trolls on facebook (myself included) that like to ruin people's day with this easter egg. I seem to have taken a poetic approach, and figured I may as well put some of these gems up here XD.

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