Monday, January 14, 2013

Musing of Snow

The snowflakes fall, fat and fluffy, perfectly picturesque. They float through the streetlights and the silence, not a soul to disturb their gentle coating of the world but yourself. You stand and admire for a second, smiling, before raising your foot to continue walking, going about your business.

You find friends, chilling with them for a while at your local hangout. Then you all disperse, each going your separate ways. You end up by yourself, by your own design; you need some time away from people. You walk your way back to your home, smiling because it is still snowing, though plenty of footprints have marked the ground before you.

Fighting off yawns, you settle to bed, finally closing your window and shutting out the view of the snow. Burrowing under your blankets, you find the room to be a bit too hot and still for your comfort, but you stubbornly stay as you are, not wishing to let people view your room whilst you're sleeping.

In the morning, the snow has mainly disintegrated to slush, but the memory of the snow remains in your head all day at work. Nothing wildly exciting or magical happened that night, but then, that is not what the snow's magic contains; the snow settles peace and quiet over the world, calming all the random noise and energies traveling about, delivering the chaos to the earth to be absorbed and give life elsewhere.

Snow cleanses all it touches, as water does; snow is simply quieter, cooler, calmer. Snow tends to simplify things, cover up all the muck and leave a field of white to see things by. Snow is... magical.

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