Sunday, December 30, 2012

Journey through a heart

She tossed and she turned. She listened to some music until that palled, then turned it off and listened to the humming of her fridge. She got up and had a glass of water and read half of her current book before attempting sleep again. But, at last, she fell asleep...

Thump-thump. Thump-thump. Rise-fall, rise-fall. The sky is purple, the deep hue fresh bruises left on her skin; the ground the deep red of her blood. The thumping of her heart echoes all around her as she glides over the beating surface. She pauses, her form as slender and pale as a willow tree, her hands dangling over the ground of this heart-world. Dipping the tips of her fingers down lower to touch, she finds no solid surface, but an pond of blood. Tasting it, she finds it to be sweet, rather like cherries and cinnamon and roses. Transforming into a mermaid, she dives down and explores; passing by threads of silk and sparks of flame before finding a tunnel of copper. Said tunnel's atmosphere went from blood and sweetness to air and chill, collander-holes for stars surrounding her as the copper lead her into the heart of the sun, the largest collander-hole of the atmosphere. The flames of the sun carry her in the talons of a phoenix as it shows her a pastorial landscape, complete with gentle breezes, babbling brooks, whispering trees and laughing grasses. A flash of white catches her attention, and she begs the bird to let her see it; the request granted, she sees it is an old teddy bear. Picking it up reveals the key it was sitting on, an elegant piece of metalwork in rusty copper. She holds on to the bear as she picks up the key, which transforms into a bright and shiny bell, sounding a gleeful peal of deep silvery beauty...

Blink. Darkness, and the familiar room.

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