Friday, November 2, 2012

Scraps and such

Leaping and spinning around the fire, seemingly having no care for caution, they dance with wild abandon. Many view them; all judge. Some wish to join them, others wish for their destruction, and some simply want them to disappear. Regardless, they pay no heed; they dance as they always have, and always will, acting as muse and scapegoat and lesson.

She finished writing this little tidbit, then breaks off suddenly to fetch some lunch. On the way to the kitchen, she is distracted by Rosebud, her loyal calico cat who is demanding affection. Somehow her trip for food ends up becoming a search for a book that's only been read four or five times, which is complicated by the purring and wriggling ball of fur in her arms. She finds a book she is satisfied with, and wanders into the living room to sit down and finally let Rosebud have her lap. Her effort is apparently in vain; two chapters in, she discards the book in favor of daydreams and random thoughts for her story not yet organized into a cohesive format. This is a typical Saturday afternoon for this lady; not the sort of activity her peers enjoyed, but then again, she never did have a care for what they thought, and she was perfectly content with the arrangement.

With eyes of sky and hair of raven, skin of ivory and figure of a willow tree, she was the perfect subject for her secret admirer's poetry... But then, Ashley found everything beautiful. The only reason she fell in love with Jade was because she did not villify Ashley, and she found Jade's worldview and attitudes fascinating.

Across the world, the little dramas of people's lives play out; their goals and dreams, failures and consequences, connections and romances, successes and lessons, joys and sorrows galore. Every move is observed, by those familiar and strange, and there is nothing new under the sun. There is a reason all the great tales are set in darkness; the ever-changing Lady Luna rules the infinite night, whose stars are only momentarily overwhelmed by Sol's light.

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