Sunday, October 21, 2012


 She sits in her room, with the door locked behind her and the window open beside her. A candle on her desk dances in the wind, but burns without any sign of danger. She does not practice ritual in the sense books would teach one; there are no chants, no invocations, no elaborate altars nor tools nor symbols. There is only a quiet, private place for herself, and a candle for company.

This Witch… is complicated.

She is the Fool of the Tarot, full of potential, not knowing to fear the big wide world
She is the Magician, powerful and knowledgeable, able to work her will perfectly
She is Death, that which must destroy the old to create room for the new
She is the Sun, bringer of light, centered in her universe

She seeks the High Priestess, she who is truly wise and in tune with herself
She seeks the Empress, she who is Mother, nurturer, creator
She seeks the Star, beacon of faith and hope
She seeks Judgement, who sounds out the heart’s calling

She knows she may ask for knowledge, but she knows not what question to ask (it is buried in her subconscious, her mind rejects it).
She knows she may ask for power, but she has no need for such (such power is already hers, though she does not fully realize the extent of it).
She knows she may ask for love, but it is already given freely (so many people love her, and she knows the great measure of this gift).
But all the same, she feels a yearning…. So she listens (some call it trance, some call it meditation, some call it daydreaming).

And with the strength of the mountains in her bones, she rises.
With the agility of the stream flowing in her veins, she dances.
With the joy of the wind in her breath, she sings.
And with the heat of the flame in her heart, she cries…

No-one as her witness. No-one to judge, no-one to teach. Nobody can share her experiences, walk beside her on her path even for a little while. She has known this forever, but has not yet made peace with it. She still reaches out, though she knows it cannot be what she wants it to be.

She is a child of Life, she listens and obeys her Lady’s wishes, but her Lady does not tell her what she wants to hear. She tries to find others to tell her what she should do, but she chooses her friends well; they all see her for what she is, a free spirit, and would not dare try to clip her wings.

She has such potential… but no direction, and without such no talent can matter. Without direction, she is stuck and cannot move; and movement is how life expresses itself. The air forms into wind, water flows and rains everywhere, fire eats what it likes and moves on to the next thing, and even the earth has it’s glacial movement of plant’s growth and land’s shifting.

This bird knows not where to fly…

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