Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Lazy Blogger's Union

So a friend of mine has started a blog, and we subscribed to each other. All is cool, right?

Then I start having a panic attack, along the lines of "omg I have an actual reader therefore I'm gonna have to write actual POSTS! Aiii the pressure!", until he (vitrually) smacked me on the head and told me to shush and stop panicing, and told me that he probably wouldn't be an upshot, post-a-day blogger. So no pressure. Yay no pressure!

Then I got the bright idea to start a "Lazy Bloggers Union", until he pointed out that it would be alot of work for a supposedly lazy group. My reply "Yeah, that's why there isn't one yet! That's why we have to start it!"

So yeah, mildly entertaining conversation. However, if you happen to come across this post, and are a lazy blogger yourself, consider yourself part of the union. Yep, that's it. Later, if I feel like it, I may make a banner or something you can add to your page, but don't get your hopes up XD

(yes, I know this is a lackluster post. No, I don't care :P)

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