Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Yes, groovy

He makes my point much more elegantly than I could, so I'll let him talk. (honestly, even if you hate the word groovy, listen to him. Scottish accent = ftw!)

Speaking of bringing words back... You know how women are called "Miss" or "Mrs." depending on whether or not they're married? And how men just get called "Mr.", with no qualifier? That really is unfair- not just in a strict, "everything should be equal" way (though that's important too), but if a woman's not looking to get a date, who's business is it whether or not she's married (or in a commited relationship, or whatever)? But, there is a neutral title for women, and it's "Ms." (pronounced Miz), and honestly, why not use it?

In other (non)news, the reason I haven't actually been writing is because I've been suffering attacks of "oh gods what the hell do I SAY!" and a general perfectionism desire to be this totally groovy internet person and it just doesn't happen, because I'm boring >.<. And it's not like I have any readers to inconvenience or anything (so thank you non-existent guys for not pressuring me to write shit XD).

But, um.... yeah. Whenever I manage to find a vaccine against being boring, I'll let ya know.

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