Friday, August 5, 2011

So, let's try this again

Yes, I ended up not writing for a couple weeks. Yes, I know, I told myself that I'd write every day to exercise those creativity muscles, and it didn't get done. But you know what? I'm done beating myself up about it, and I'm totally done trying to tell myself that "I should write every day and be totally wise and amazing". It didn't work back in 8th grade when I was trying to tell myself not to be a lazy fuck, and it probably won't work now. So you know what I'm gonna do? Write as much as I bloody well feel like, and refuse to feel guilty about any of it. Even if I do end up being totally boring since I have nothing much to say since right now I'm basically stuck in limbo, waiting to be sent to boot camp. And I know that (for right now, at least), I don't actually have any readers, which is okay. So.

I did realize that I do have something to say, however, which is why I'm writing this post now (instead of three days ago when I tried to start a post, because I didn't realize I had this to say then).

Even when you're at a point in your life when you hate your life, and there doesn't seem to be any way to fix it, you can still change it. It can be in a big way or a tiny way, it may end up being a shift in thinking instead of a shift of circumstances, but I will guarantee you that something will change. Because that's what life is all about, it always changes; sometimes for the worse, true, but sometimes for the better, and if you're in a shitty place right now, that just makes it more likely that the change will be for the better. And sometimes, you can change more than you think you can. Really, sometimes the way to help change whatever it is you hate can be right in front of your nose, and you can't even see it because you can't cross your eyes. Even if you can cross your eyes physically... You know what I mean. So, ask advice! That's part of what the internet is for, to find information and advice and stranger's opinions that you can take or refuse to take or whatever, and not be as vulnerable as you might be in real life (because we all have information we wouldn't trust our dearest friends with, specifically because they're our dearest friends- same goes for enemies and aquaintences and basically the people living around you).

Even if you can't take people's advice/can't change your circumstances the way you want to/are basically stuck waiting on something, you can learn to be patient. Learn to appreciate what you have better. Go outside and soak up some sunshine, listen to music, get a good night's sleep and hope things look better in the morning/afternoon (which they generally do), etc. etc. The phrases "time heals all" and "patience is a virtue" are cliches for a reason, even if we're tired of hearing them by now.

And no, I won't say what's brought this post on.

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