Friday, August 17, 2012


So, I had this little thought of organizing my blog a bit... this is what came of it. I ended up going through and figuring out categories for each of my posts, and attaching a category to each post in the form of a label. All the labels are self-explainatory, but I did notice an interesting pattern- earlier I had a bunch of filler posts and a few linky posts, and then those basically got taken over by the personal bullshit posts. Opinionations are basically the posts I think are best (gotta love how that works out, I think my best posts are those with my opinion written all over them XD), and I think this blog will see a ton more scribbling, because I'm discovering I actually like scribbling ^.^

Yep, you get a bit more of a filler post, but have a scribble!

She wanders through the trees, gathering bright little holly berries from snow-laden bushes. For once, her face is not lined with grief; she has found peace in the still forest. As always, her journey leads her to the heart of the woods, to a tiny clearing containing two graves; one headstone is mounted for them, father and son, closer to each other than she ever was. She kneels and prays for a happier incarnation for them, as is her ritual, before decorating the gravestone with the berries she gathered. She gets up to leave, walk back to her house, but then realizes that is pointless… there is nothing in that cold, barren dwelling for her. So she walks on, through the snow and ice and a surviving mushroom grove, her footsteps growing lighter and lighter until her feet no longer disturb the ground at all, leaving no evidence of her departure from this world. She walks on through the trees, the forest subtly shifting; it is summer now, the trees stand greater and mightier than they ever did in the mundane world, and flowers and berries abound. The woods still stand in absolute silence, until a voice bids her welcome; at that signal, the place bursts with life, colorful birds singing enchanting songs, invisible woodlife darting swiftly, the wind dancing with her, teasing her useless clothes off her body. Her consort watches her dance her earthly cares away, hoping it is a while yet before the mortal world calls her back.

No point to this, it just kinda popped in my head so here ya go ^.^

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