Monday, May 21, 2012


So... Yeah, I really do not seem to turn on the computer very much XD. Sorry imaginary readers, real life takes precedence, and I seem to have this amazing talent for finding people who will drag me out and make me be social with them, so... If it helps, I'm rapidly getting tired of being social 24/7, so you'll probably see me online more (no promises though XD).

But let's see... I don't feel like typing out details of everything I've been doing, but a few general things I've learned:

The ocean truly is an incredible aphrodisiac, especially in the middle of the night at full moon. Not just in a "it's so romantic" way, but there's just something magical about the waves crashing and being alone in the darkness...

You can get drunk off sleep deprivation- there's no hangover, but at least for me I get seriously impulsive and wild. The weird thing is I'm completely concious of the fact that if I were more rested I would edit myself and act differently, but I just do what I feel like anyways...

There are some things that sound amazing on paper and just don't work out in real life, and for me casual sex is one of those things. Not sure if having sex repeatedly with one person will fix my apathy toward the whole thing, or if it's because I haven't met someone I have chemistry with yet, or if I'll end up just washing my hands of the whole business... Guess I'll have to get a bit more experience with sex before I decide what I want XD

Don't get obsessed with some girl or guy you've just met a few days ago. Don't get obsessed about anyone, period! Trust me, unless they're mentally unbalanced, they'll get really creeped out when they find out that you're obsessed. And if you're an object of obsession, don't be nice and polite to the other person- stomp on them. I don't care if they're otherwise nice, obsession serves nobody any good at all and it needs to get stomped on as soon as it crops up.

When someone you love moves away, don't be afraid to stay in touch with them, don't be afraid to still love them, and adopting polyamory will save everyone some grief. Polyamory, in case you haven't heard of it, is basically a philosophy of thought that says "Screw popular culture's idea of ownership in love, I can love as many people as my heart feels something for, and they can love who they love, and there's no need for exclusivity". To be honest, monogamy never made much sense to me- I'm allowed to love multiple family members, and I'm allowed to have multiple friends, but I'm only allowed to have sex with one person?

Even if you're an extrovert, time to yourself is necessary, and your friends can find other people to hang out with while you take that time to yourself.

Don't be afraid to be a bit selfish- you don't need to serve everyone's needs 24/7. You are allowed to take time to yourself, you don't have to be shiny and interesting all the time, and people will still love you if you need to hide for awhile.

Life really is a journey, you don't have to have everything figured out instantly, you're allowed to change your opinion, you're allowed to change your personality- change anything and everything any time you feel like it! Life is always changing, accept it and learn to like the adventure ^.^

Yeah, 3/4 of this post was me telling you shit you should do/think... As always, feel free to ignore me ^.^

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