Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Twitter and the Birth of a Meme

So I witnessed the birth of a meme on Twitter today. Specifically, the Ocean Marketing Strategy meme (if you don't know what that is, or if the meme dies already, basically a guy pre-ordered a product, then it was way late in delivering, so he sent an email to Ocean Marketing, the OM representative was a dick, it blew up. Read the email exchange here, trust me, it's hilarious). Already there's a ton of parodies, but this one I especially like

Since I highly doubt I will get any readers soon enough for the meme to be very relevant, I just want to say: Follow Wil Wheaton (@wilw) on twitter, and someday you might witness the birth of a meme in real time too XD.

Yes, Twitter is awesome. If you don't already have a twitter, it's probably because you think it sounds absolutely stupid, but it really isn't. You can use it to tell people what's going on with your life, if you don't like facebook, you can use it to catch up on other people's lives, if you're interested in any kind of subject you can follow people who tweet the insider scoop (whether your a fashionista, a wine lover, a political activist, a gamer, whatever!)... You can use Twitter however you want, and the best part is, it really isn't commital. If you want to interact with people on facebook, you have to send a friend request, hope they accept it, and when they do, you have to look at all their posts, whether or not they hold meaning, unless you unfriend them, in which case drama might ensue. With twitter, you can follow a person or not at your whim, if they bore you, just unfollow them- no drama! You can sort the people you follow into as many categories as you want, you don't have to worry about privacy levels shifting (either you have an open profile or you don't- which means either the entire world can see what you tweet, or only the people you allow- without worrying about being "outed", or different filters being destroyed, or anything)... Really, I do recommend giving twitter a spin, see if you like it ^.^

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