Monday, November 21, 2011

"Get a life already!"

But what is this magical "life" that we're supposed to have? Does anybody actually have one? Sure, most people use it in the context of "partying at clubs with friends", but wouldn't that get boring after a while?

 At least, I think so. So, let's define "a life" in a way that's actually useful! How about... If you have a social presence around a group with a shared interest, you have a "life". It lets everyone, from gamer geeks organized around DnD campaigns to artistic types in the same pottery or painting class to jocks in a sport team, have a life (which is important since a life is apparently a desirable thing, and everybody deserves one, right?). Or, wait... How about we skip the "social" bit entirely and just say that everybody has a life, period. After all, we all have things that give us joy, yes? Or things that we feel give life meaning, right? And we do all breathe and think and feel and go about our existence, so yes, everybody alive has a life, pretty much by the definition of the word "alive".

Honestly, what's the point of telling someone to get a life? Really, what are you trying to accomplish by telling them they're living an incomplete existence? Either they agree and are presumably already working to fix it, or they don't agree because they like their life like it is, thankyouverymuch, and they'll just ignore you. So really, telling somebody to get a life is pointless, unless you're trying to be mean by randomly policing someone's behavior to try and get them to conform to your own standards. And you know what? Their life is none of your business, unless they want to make it your business. You have no right to police anybody's life but your own. So, let's all let this stupid phrase die already, alright?

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