Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Hello, imaginaries!

I just had a panic attack about the standard "omg has it really been that long since I've written anything?", and then I started reading through some of my old posts and realized "shit, 2/3 of these are just completely retarded", so I decided to do a little housekeeping and purse the posts unfit for human consumption.

It's funny, I used to have this hard, iron-clad rule to myself of "anything you post, no matter how retarded, needs to stay up so you can be true to yourself about exposing all your honesty, even the bad shit", but I've had to re-evaluate another iron-clad rule to myself recently and it got me thinking "well shit, I am allowed to change my opinions, even the stuff I make rules to myself for", so, the retarded posts got deleted. Some of them had a germ of a cool idea in them, so I might expand on those ideas later.

Don't worry, the meaty, super personal posts are still there, if you want to go looking (those are filed under "personal bullshit", feel free to skip them since that label is accurate), and I've kept all my scribble posts intact (basically the posts labeled "scribbles" are snippets of scenes I've written).

Recent news- I got a fire lit under my ass about writing, and I am going to start taking it seriously. Not going to pursue a couple book ideas I have (because I've realized I can make a fantastic outline of how I want which events to unfold, and then not be able to flesh it out to save my life), but write short stories for anthologies and collections and whatnot. I actually just had this epiphamy, that I could just envision a scene (like I do in my scribbles), and then just expand and flesh it out and figure out what comes afterwards! So, I guess I'll keep you imaginaries posted on any progress I might make XD.

But yes, this ends the self-obligated post to tell you all what I'm doing, instead of just letting posts mysteriously disappear into the void.

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