Saturday, November 30, 2013

Elemental thoughts

Air.... is vast. Air is our breath, the element we can live the shortest without, the medium most our far-ranging senses are tuned to (we see by light, hear by sound waves, smell by particles, all carried by air). Air's home, it's source, is the sky; sky envelops the earth, helps redistribute the elements (the water in rain and snow, the fire in sunshine and lightning, the earth in sandstorms and tornadoes). Sky is the cushion between the earth and space; it becomes the gateway to the cosmic infinite, the thousand lights of inspiration. Air keeps everything circulating, moving things when they get old to a new place so they may be new again. Air... refreshes. fierce. Fire is our spark, the element we associate with ambition and creativity (which drive us to all of our memorable feats). Our manipulation of fire is the root of our difference from other species, the root of our civilizations (because of fire, we are able to survive the cold and thus explore much of the earth, and mold and run the tools we use to shape the world to our liking). Fire burns the old to make room for the new, taking energy (from fuel) to lend (as heat, as light) to some new purpose. Fire sterilizes, cauterizes, yet fertilizes (volcanic erruptions creating land, forest fires leaving room for more plants to grow, etc). Fire is destroyer and creator, bringer of both life and death, movement and vitality and light. Fire...transforms.

Water... is deep. Water is our blood, our source, our most essential nutrient. Water covers most of our planet and fills the skies with clouds, too little (drought) and too much (floods) cause us to die but we are utterly dependent on just the right amount of water to survive. Water shapes our landscape (everything from the routes of the rivers and coastlines to what plants grow in what places) and frees us from our own weight. Water... cleanses.

Earth... is solid. Earth is our foundation, our source of food, our playground for exploration and survival. It forms our landscape, acting as both cradle and challenge, gives us stability. Earth accepts everything we give it, and gives life to everything. Earth lets us grow, lets everything grow (including those forces not so friendly towards humanity), provides us with countless treasures and countless dangers as well. Earth... grows.

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