Friday, March 15, 2013

Sketches of Beauty

There is beauty in order
Stable structures stretching to infinity in complex patterns...
There is beauty in chaos
Ever-changing structures interacting in complex ways...

There is beauty in ice
Brilliant forms reflecting and spreading light.
There is beauty in fire
Wild forms growing and creating light.

There is beauty in light
Letting seeking eyes see the world.
There is beauty in darkness
Giving tired eyes a rest from the world.

People speak of opinions and black and white
And varying shades of grey
But that implies a much simpler world than we live in
For we live in an explosion of color
And those whose opinions are red-orange and yellow-orange
Will argue just as vehemetly
As those whose opinions are orange and blue

There is beauty and poetry in everything, if you know how to see
If I were a better poet, I would invite you in to wander in my world
Look through my eyes, dear explorers, see the joy...
But alas, I can only sketch
And let you fill in the detail with your own eyes, own experience
Though I suppose that is a perfectly valid form of writing in itself
To direct your mind along a path, let you see what you notice

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