Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine for thought

Valentine's Day. Some see it as a day to pay special romantic attention to their loved ones, some see it as a day they're obligated to pay special romantic attention to loved ones, some see it as "Single's Awareness Day", and some manage not to notice the holiday until they log onto Facebook.

I'm lucky enough to fall into the latter category, but despite my standing opinion of Valentine's Day sentiments (either the classic gushy stuff or the bitter "corporations just want money" or "way to make single peeps feel awful" thoughts) being trite and overdone (seriously! Everybody has an opinion about this holiday!), I hold on to hope that one day we as a culture will regrow a brain and stop working ourselves into tizzies over unimportant shit.

Yeah, we really should show our loved ones our affection often, but should we take offense to an occasion to spoil the people we love? Is there a reason we should take the holiday the way others take it, instead of taking a not-so-random day and celebrating the things we wish to celebrate? Go give a friend a hug, let a sibling know you love them even when they're annoying, pop on facebook and see which old aquaintences you've forgotten about, see if you'd like to fix that or not. Go spoil yourself, show yourself love however you need it, take the time to meditate or relax and do nothing or make time for an project dear to your heart. Go spend some time volunteering, picking up litter, planting a tree or flower bush. Honestly, go show some love for somebody or something... And then do it the next day and the day after, too. Go develop some valentine moments you can bring into your life regularly.

Have a merry Valentine's love!

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