Friday, February 8, 2013


"It's a permanent solution to a temporary problem"
"Everyone has something to live for"
"Each suicide leaves behind an average of six survivors- family and friends who mourn for their lost loved one"

I really, really hate quotes like these. DESPISE them. What they all boil down to is "we as a culture don't think you have the right to choose to die". And... I find that despicable. Every single individual on the planet should have the right to die, for whatever reason they have, without having everyone around feel the need to constantly thwart them because everyone else is too fucking selfish to let them die! Of course this doesn't mean I think people shouldn't be offered help, nor that people shouldn't seek help if they want help, but for goodness sake, can we all just take a deep breath, realize it's not all about us and we're stupid if we feel guilt about someone around us committing suicide, and add "right to die" along the general independent entitlement cultural mindset? Pretty please?

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