Sunday, November 25, 2012


Sad little girl, sitting in the barbeque pit
Smoking her little cigar
Tapping her foot to the music from her earbuds
Completely alone, through choice
Thinking up ideas for poetry

Streetlamps shine bright, everywhere
Colouring everything orange
The fallen leaves, cuddled up in their little piles
Come alive in the lamplight and wind
Shining and dancing, inviting her to join

The sky is clear, for once
Letting the starlight shine
Reminding this sad little girl
Of sneaking out of her house in the dark of night
To talk to her sister under the starlit sky

Roaming the empty roads
Stars and trees and wind to keep her company
Walking barefoot despite the gravel
The warm summer wind soothing her
Her voice the only sound

Chatting with her sister on the phone
On these little journeys
Sometimes not even taking the phone
Just go and walk, on and on
The howl of the coyotes keeping her company

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