Saturday, June 30, 2012


So yeah, I’m silly enough to pay attention to dates, hush you :P Yes, this is the one year anniversary of my blog, and of course it would just be appropriate to write a post for it… Despite not being the greatest poster ever, in terms of quantity nor quality. Meh, I’ll work on it. See, the nice thing about having both a birthday and blogaversary (yes, I did go there) in June, approx. half a year away from Christmas and New Year’s, is that biannually I get occasions for pressies and for reflections on how my life is going (around the times of the solstices, too! Ain’t that convenient). And since this is a very personal blog, I may as well let you guys get a look into my life so far. Shall we?

Despite having the memory span of a retarded goldfish, I do remember where my life was when I started this blog- just graduated high school, bored as hell, waiting impatiently to ship to Basic, trying not to think about the hell I was going to voluntarily put myself through because I saw no other direction for my life, distracting myself from the emptiness of my life any way I could, short of actually doing something productive because I had some strange phobia towards actually applying myself. Wow but do I paint a sad, pathetic person… but that’s alright, it is accurate, I was a sad and pathetic person XD. So I spent a few months trying to find something to say, because there was a ton of shit drifting just below the conscious level of my brain that I wanted to sort out but I had no idea how, and failing miserably (sorry, imaginaries, the archives really do suck), reading up on all sorts of things (link hopping hua!)

Then I FINALLY ship to Basic, do a lot of adapting and learning which I needed. You know how they say boot camp will break you down then build you back up? False, at least in my case- Basic broke me down than Keesler built me back up. Tech school hua! It’s insane, I don’t even recognize myself now- I actually have self-esteem, self-confidence, I can actually dive into the depths of my brain and excavate what’s in there and analyze it (yes, you learn to do that in Basic… it’s not something they teach, but you spend a lot of time inside your head with nothing but you, yourself, and some mundane task you’ve done five zillion times before for company, so you learn introspection)… All and all, I actually rather like myself now. Thank you Air Force! And, you know, I get a free education (just by going through technical training, I’ll almost get an associate’s degree- I just need the general courses when I get out of here for that), more free education (GI Bill, to use whenever I actually figure out what sort of degree I’d like to use for the rest of my life), food, housing, pay… So basically I have it made right now. Recruiters, have a bit of free advertising, since if any of you imaginaries aren’t busy with something else, I would recommend joining the United State’s Air Force ^.^

So yes, this post basically turned into an announcement of “World, I’m awesome”… Who would have thought I’d be writing a post like this a year ago, huh? Don’t worry, I’m not completely egotistical- I’m willing to admit that I’m an absolute retard, but apparently I’m entertaining enough (and book smart, to boot) that I’m lucky enough not to be getting into too much trouble over it. Yes, I am a lucky bastard and you have every right to hate me :P

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