Saturday, January 7, 2012

About everyone's favourite hobby!

Aka, procrastination. True to form, I thought of this post while chatting with a friend, but I procrastinated actually writing it until just now XD. But see, I have this theory on how to do procrastination right: completely and thoroughly enjoy whatever procrastination mechanism you use (playing games, reading, sleeping, doing unrelated chores, etc). Sounds simplistic, and like people would do that already, but here's my logic for this:

People generally stay completely conscious of the fact that they're procrastinating, which means that they spend this leisure time they carve out for themselves with a foreboding cloud full of "SHOULD-SHOULD-SHOULD-DO-THIS-MAN-WHY-ARE-YOU-SO-BLOODY-LAZY-JUST-DO-IT" floating above their heads, which
a) doesn't actually help
b) completely ruins the nice procrastination mechanism activities, which doesn't do anybody any good
c) makes people extra resentful of the task they're procrastinating about

Not good, is that? Of course not. On the other hand, if people banish the should-cloud and just enjoy their procrastination mechanism, what happens is
a) people are no longer distracted by wanting to do X procrastination mechanism/leisure time activity (even if it's something as mindless as playing solitaire, it still fulfills a need- we all need to turn our brains off occasionally)
b) people enjoy some actual leisure time, which generates positive feelings
c) which means that some of those positive feelings will slop into the task they're procrastinating (either in a "Alright, I feel all charged up and energized, let's DO this!", or in a "Alright, deadline's seriously approaching *cracks knuckles, gets to work, focused since they got their leisure-time-longing out of their system* oh hey this isn't that hard after all!" way, or something along those lines (those are just the two reactions that happen to me).

You see? Now run along, enjoy your procrastination ^.^

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