Thursday, June 30, 2011


I did honestly think- oh, for minutes and minutes- that I would start off this blog with some profound philosophical musings... And then came down with a dose of insecurity (as in, didn't want to look all pompous and shit). So, you're getting a traditional "hello world!" blog post.

Why am I starting to blog? Well, basically, I'm bored. I want to get more into writing, and telling myself to blog every day is one way to do that. I'm horrible at remembering to keep diaries, but I always have fun reading my old diaries and discovering who I was back then, so maybe keeping this "diary" electronically should help.

Who is this person starting to blog? Well, she calls herself Aky online, because a friend gave her that nickname and it stuck, and she doesn't feel like sharing her name on this blog right now. She's a high school graduate, waiting for the Air Force to find a job slot for her so she can get shipped to basic and get a start on her adult life. In appearance, she... Well, who cares? Cameras hate her, so she doesn't let anybody see pictures of her, so for you people online the point is moot.

As for my personality...Well. Let's just say that although it might be technically possible to boil down a person into a few descriptive words, I doubt I'd be able to do so. Besides, it always seems like other people in your life know you better than you know yourself, and I'm certainly not an exception.

And yes, I know that absolutely nobody's gonna read this first post unless they really like my blog and are desperate for reading material. So, sorry you've run out, but thank you for the flattery, possible future stranger ^.^

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